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Long Term Care Insurance Protects



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Keep your independence by choosing the care you deserve

Long-Term Care Solutions Available: 

Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance: Traditional LTCi provides the most coverage in long term care benefits. Benefits can be tailored to meet a wide range of budgets. Spouses/Partners may include shared benefits....Learn More

Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance: Hybrid LTCi provides life insurance with accelerated benefits plus LTC insurance once death benefit is depleted Any remaining death benefit is paid to a beneficiary. Guaranteed Limited Pay Premium, Return of Premium available. Lifetime Benefits available...Learn More

Life Insurance with Accelerated benefits: Life insurance with accelerated benefits provides a death benefit that can be spent down for long-term care needs. Any remaining death benefit paid to beneficiaries. Guaranteed premiums, Cash surrender values available. 1035 exchange opportunities...Learn More

Hybrid Annuity with LTC: Two parts: deferred annuity accelerated for care plus LTC insurance once annuity is depleted. Unused annuity value paid as a death benefit. An option for those with existing deferred annuities not needed for income. Guaranteed Premium, Easy Medical Underwriting, May insure two lives.

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