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How to Qualify for
Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance is a product that requires underwriting by the insurance companies. Policy premiums are based on the amount of benefits selected, your current age and your overall health.  Higher premiums or the risk of insurability may increase as you age, therefore timing is important when considering applying for coverage. 

Once approved for coverage, premiums are secured at the attained age and do not increase as you age. 

The best time to apply for coverage is when: 


You are healthy 

You can afford premiums 

Insurance Companies who offer Long-Term Care insurance allow preliminary health screenings before taking an application. Essentially, you can prequalify your health information without medical records to see if the carrier will consider an application from you. If you are concerned about your eligibility for coverage, it is recommended that you check with a long-term care specialist about prequalifying your health before taking an application.  


Here are a few things to consider on improving your chances of getting coverage: 

Know what’s in your medical records 


Be honest about your health information 


Check your health information with more than one insurance company 


To learn more about LTCi, Contact LTC Genie or request a quote  

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