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Couples That Are Considering Long Term Care Insurance: Sharing is Caring

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

The Benefits of Having a Shared Benefit LTCi Policy

We’ve all heard the term sharing is caring, so if you've been considering on applying for Long Term Care Insurance, encourage your spouse to join you in applying for a Joint Benefit Sharing LTCi policy.

The Shared Care Benefit is a valuable optional rider that is available on both the Mutual of Omaha Secure and Custom Solution long-term care policies.

Here’s how it works:

• Both spouses need to apply for coverage and be issued at the same time and have identical policies and benefits

• Once benefits have been used up under one policy, the partner needing care can access benefits from the other policy as long as there is at least one year of benefits available*

• If one partner dies while both policies are in force, the surviving partner receives the deceased partner’s remaining unused benefits with no effect on premium

If you're concerned about what will happen if you use all of your LTCi benefits but still need care, then consider a joint policy that includes shared benefits. It may provide the peace of mind you and your spouse need.

Learn more about Shared Benefit Policies or request a quote with LTC Genie.


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