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Welcome to LTC Genie Insurance Agency

We pride ourselves in helping those who need guidance in protecting their retirement, assets, or love ones from a future long term care event. We provide resources and solutions to learn more about Long Term Care and Life Insurance Planning

Make a Plan That Preserves Your Independence and Life Savings


Find a Solutions That Keeps You Living In Your Own Home 

Design a Plan Where Your Children Care About You, Not For You


Make a Choice, Protect Assets & Savings From an Extended Care Event

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Family Matters
Secure their future with Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones from potentially devastating financial losses. Provide financial security. Help to pay off debts, living expenses, and any medical or final expenses.


Protect Your Family and Loved Ones


Provide a Financial Future For Your Children


Don't Hesitate to Add More Financial Security


Easy and Affordable Solutions Giving Peace of Mind

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Why Work with LTC Genie?

Servicing Client's LTC Needs for 39 years.

 We focus on providing you a personalized long term care solution that protects your future and your loved ones

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